The internet has changed over the years,
we have changed, have you?

WEB 1.0
Microedge was an idea in the mid 1990's in the days before Google that was finally established in the year 2000. During the Web 1.0 phase, we seen a massive increase in websites and of course the dot com bubble when having just a website was not a guarantee to riches. We built websites tbased on table layouts and checked they could be viewed in Internet Explorer and Netscape as these where the most popular browsers at the time. The websites where built and hosted and updated as and when required.

WEB 2.0
The internet grew up and became more social. Facebook started in 2004 and then opened its doors to the world not just graduates. Followed by Twitter in 2004 when a simple idea of sharing a text message of under 140 characters was called a Tweet. We seen more people access the internet via their mobile phone than a traditional desltop PC. People started interacting socially on the internet and sharing their favourite sites, news and articles along with their favourite cat videos.

WEB 3.0
Originally block chain is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. Blockchains which are readable by the public are widely used by cryptocurrencies, the most famous being Bitcoin. The blockchain is about to revolutionise how we interact and transact with the Internet. lockchains have been described as a value-exchange protocol so in theory any exchange of value can be completed quicker, safer and cheaper than with traditional systems. Watch this space ...