Ecommerce cart product page improvements

Some questions you may ask about your shopping cart may be.
1. Why do I lose customers at the point of transaction?
2. How do I increase my online sales?
3. How do I make my website perform better for my customers?

These are just a few of the many questions I get asked on a regular basis. As ecommerce website designers it is only when we look at the website in question can we see the answers to the problems. The main points I discover are: a poor layout or ecommerce design, the website is difficult to navigate, and the URL is often unreadable – something like ‘product.aspx?id=4321&SID88772221133 – which makes no sense to search engines or your customer.

The key elements that you need to display on your product page are as follows.

The specified product – This is the most obvious one.  It should be displayed clearly with as many images as possible, including large size images along with any technical specifications, sizes and dimensions.
Associated products
– Are there any other products associated with this product?
Delivery charges
– It is important that you display the delivery charge on the product page and any extra taxes or VAT.
Delivery time – How long will it take to deliver, display all delivery options available.
Availability – Is it in stock?
Customer Support – Who do I contact if there is a problem?
Hours of business – When can customers contact you?
Warranty or guarantee – Is there a warranty or guarantee with the product?
Terms and conditions – A simple link so a customer can read your terms if they wish.
Pricing – A clear fixed price for the product.
Quality – Ideally a paragraph of text explaining the quality of the product and a good reason why the customer may want to purchase the product.
Customer review or testimonials – Allow cutomers to write reviews or a testimonial for your products. Real customer reviews can increase sales.
Benefits of ownership of the product – What are the benefits of buying the product? Will it save your customer time or money?

Contact our ecommerce designers to see how we can improve your shopping cart and the design of your ecommerce website to help you gain more customers.

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