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Website VAT changes to your shopping cart.

The change to ecommerce and shopping carts required

Update your shopping cart with the change in VAT.

As a business you are aware no doubt that as of 1st December 2008 VAT in the UK is being reduced from 17.5% to 15% (confirmed by HM Revenue & Customs).

What impact does this have on your business?
Not all companies will be VAT registered. Some companies trading will be VAT exempt. For  example Childrens Clothing. However most are commercial VAT registered companies.  If you display VAT in your terms and conditions or as a seperate value in your shopping cart it will need changing straight away.

  • Your shopping cart will need to display the new VAT rate of 15%
  • Some prices are VAT included and will need to be reduced by 2.5%
  • The new VAT rate will need to be shown to your customers.
  • Email confirmations and delivery notes may also need changing.

You do not need to go through every individual product in your database to implement the changes. Microedge are experts in ecommerce design in both PHP and ASP written online shopping carts and can write a bespoke solution to solve your problem.

To ensure your business is correct and up to date when displaying and calculating VAT in your online shop to your customers, Microedge can make all the relevant changes to your website with prices starting at just £99. We support all shopping carts written in PHP or ASP, including off the shelf shopping carts. 

If your ecommerce website (Shopping Cart) is designed and set up correctly then the VAT element will be set in a seperate field or element and may even be something that you can quickly and easily change yourself. This is how we set up ecommerce websites and shopping carts here at Microedge. If you can not change the VAT rate in your control panel / administration  this is where problems can occur and we can rewrite your shopping cart to take into effect the new rate.

Please Contact us to see how we can solve the VAT on your shopping cart quickly and easily.

For more details on the Pre Budget Report and VAT changes please visit the  HM Revenue & Customs website.