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mCommerce and Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce (mCommerce) is the the ability to conduct commerce using a mobile phone. It sounds straight forward however most companies website’s are not suitable for making purchases via a mobile phone. We are still in the beginning of seeing retailers create websites and make changes to allow their customers purchase online via their mobile phone.

Here are some of the restrictions

Screen size
The biggest reason for this is their website is not designed to be friendly to mobile phones. Even the popular iPhone with in built browser will render pages based on how the website was built and usually it is built for the desktop PC Market with an average screen size of 1024px width.

The majority of retailers say that issues with consumer privacy and security as the biggest hurdles standing in the way of further mcommerce efforts, according to a survey by RIS News.

The solution – Give the customer what they want.

Mobile Banking

Banks and other financial institutions are exploring the use of mobile commerce to allow their customers to not only access account information, but also make transactions, e.g. purchasing stocks, remitting money, via mobile phones and other mobile equipment. This service is often referred to as Mobile Banking.

Mobile purchase

Mobile purchase allows customers to shop online at any time in any location. Customers can browse and order products while using a cheap, secure payment method. Instead of using paper catalogues, retailers can send customers a list of products that the customer would be interested in, directly to their mobile device or consumers can visit a mobile version of a retailers ecommerce site. Additionally, retailers will also be able to track customers at all times and notify them of discounts at local stores that the customer would be interested in.

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