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Custom ecommerce site – The benefits of bespoke design

Image of a graph showing how custom ecommerce can increase salesThere are several good reasons to build a custom ecommerce site and not buy an ‘off the shelf’ one.

Think about what you need your website to actually do. If you are selling your products online, your website needs to be even better than a ‘real’ shop.


Visual impact
Online customers can’t feel products before they buy them, they can’t see the quality, they can’t can’t feel the weight, or size it up for fit.

However with a good ecommerce site they can see Videos, a 360 degree view of the product, or views in different colours, close ups, or see pictures of products being used. With testimonials, product reviews, more pictures from different angles, customers begin to feel more empathy with your online shop, they have more of the information that a ‘real’ shop would naturally give them.

It is vital though not to overload your website with information, if you have 10 images to display of a product you can’t display them all (remember simpler is better),  but your site needs a solution that suits your products, your customers and your company.

Price changes – sales and special offers

  • Do you have Christmas, New Year or Summer sales?
  • Do you offer end of stock clearances?
  • Do you want to give certain emphasis to certain products at certain times?
  • Tailor-made custom ecommerce enables this to happen.

    What a custom ecommerce site gives you.

    Control over your stock, pricing, photos, items for sale

    Some ecommerce sites offer:

    • discounts for bulk ordering
    • differing delivery charges
    • multiple options for items (sizes, colours, personalistation and so on)
    • options for customers to review products bought

    As an ecommerce website owner you want to be able to pick the options that will be right for your business, not the other way around. You don’t want to pick the ecommerce package that nearly fits your business – it could cost you £££.

    Talk to our ecommerce designers about what YOU want YOUR website to do for YOUR customers.