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Ecommerce design for web retailers

An article published in The Guardian about Ecommerce Design by Rob Ford really hits home some simple facts for web retailers of how to increase sales even during tough economic times.

The openining line starts with the question.
You have a product or catalogue of goods that you are trying to sell online. But sales are not great. Why not?

Rob Ford points out 3 areas to address if your prices are competitive.

  1. Make sure your customers can actually see your products.
    Yes I agree it is amazing that in this day and age some sites have missing product images or tiny images that do not enarlge or zoom.Consider providing multiple images for alternative views.
    Yes the more product photographs, reverse views, technical specifications and sizes you can show to your customers, the more likely they are to buy from you.I have talked about this before on my article What makes a good ecommerce website?

  3. Don’t ask potential customers to sign up or get a membership before they buy. 
    This is one of most frustrating areas of buying online! Why do retailers need you to sign up?  Often the reason is so they can bombard you with unsolicited email, text messages or leaflets. Personally I never buy from a website that asks for a sign up before purchase. (If I don’t millions of others won’t either!)

  5. Clearly show users what your delivery charges, especially if you ship overseas.
    Be up front and display the exact transaction cost at all times. Customers are not stupid and they will notice if VAT has suddenley appeared or a hidden post and packaging has appeared. They will simply stop and shop elsewhere.

Keeping your prices competitive and your website ecommerce design  profesional and easy to use ensures a higher amount of purcchases and happy customers that will return and buy from you again and again.  The Guardian article states  “As consumers shift from high street queues to online purchasing, taking a good, hard look at your ecommerce site could give you the edge that so many online retailers just fail to get.”

Now is the time to ensure your website is relevant and works the way your customers expect it.

Rob’s great article:  Web retailers: are you missing the point? can be found on The Guardian website.