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Ecommerce design used properly to gain more customers

You have good products at great prices and an attractive site.
So why do more than half of your customers abandon their full shopping carts?

Ecommerce design gaining customers to make purchase

Depending on which reports you read, roughly between 25% to 75% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts before making the final step of entering in their credit card details and confirming the purchase. So let us have a look at why, and the good and bad points of ecommerce design.

Here are several reasons why people back out at the last minute.

  • Change of mind– A spur of the moment decision or the total price scares the customer and they abandon the transaction rather than removing any unwanted items.
  • Too confusing – The whole process has overwhelmed the customer, the customer has been confused just to get to this stage, they want to buy but just feel fed up rather than valued.
  • Intrusive – Too many questions or fields to fill in that are not necessary.
  • Tedious – The whole process has taken too long and the customer just gives up.
  • Better offer – Customers searching for a specific product may see it on another site that has a better price.
  • Poor design – A well designed site in layout, graphics and navigation will make a customer feel valued, a poorly designed site, or a site with errors will make the customer go elsewhere.
  • Login before starting – This is only required in exceptional circumstances. There should be no need for a customer to need to login to make a purchase.
  • No grand total – You have added your items to the basket, only to be taken to a new page for the credit card details and magically VAT, delivery and extra charges have been added.
  • Required fields – Too many fields that are required or forms that clear all the information that has just been entered can send your customer away.
  • Credit card number format – Just displaying the details in the wrong order or a delay in processing can make a customer close the window.

Depressing facts for website owners
However here are several solutions to the problems.

  • It’s critical to recognize that your customers’ time is valuable to them.
  1. The best way of looking at the problem is to look at your local supermarket.
    Would they require your email address before entering the shop?
  2. Remove the barriers and keep the process simple, clear and concise.
  3. Do not add any marketing blurb. For example “Would you like to sign up to our newsletter?”
  4. Always show the grand total. That is the amount the customer will be debited.
  5. Keep the design clear, professional and secure.
  6. Offer incentives for loyal customers
  7. Only use required fields that are essential. For example email address, and then tell the customer this is used for sending them a confirmation email of their purchase only.
  8. Keep the navigation and layout consistant at all times, so the customer knows exactly where they are and can see what they have added to the basket at any time.

 This involves using a good website designer that has worked on successful ecommerce websites. Please contact us and see how we can improve your online sales through good ecommerce.