How do I increase my online sales?

Image of a graph showing how custom ecommerce can increase sales
You have plenty of visitors coming to your website, but they just do not convert into online sales. Here is some advice on how you can improve your conversion rate and improve your return on investment (ROI) of your ecommerce website.

Firstly research all your statistics and analytics, find out where your customers dropping out. Usually this is your shopping cart page, they have added items to the basket with all good intenmtions and then just close the browser window. Simple as that, you have lost the sale and the potential new customer.

Know your customers

You can improve buying behavior with just a few simple tweaks to yourshopping cart page. You need to think like your customer not as the website owner. For example you may know your website inside and out, you know that  you need to manually enter in a number into the quantity field before you click add to basket, but do your customers?

Stop going for the hard sell. We all hate to read “cheapest ever”, “offer ends at midnight”, “sign up now” etc, etc. Nobody especially your customers wants a heavy sell, you need to create a desire to purchase from you.

Shopping CartThink about who buys from you, or more important, who you want to buy from you. For example you sell football shirts, you have sold a few online already, you think your audience is young men based in the UK that want to buy a football shirt? Think again! The people your aiming at love football, associate your website with football, your customer may belong to a football team? Would it not be better to sell your football shirts to the whole team, for example to the coach or manager? This way your likely to sell five or eleven times as much!!

My job as a website designer is by using ecommerce web design to take your customer from your product page to the purchase page as smoothly as possible. Increasing the usability and accessibility of your website will improve your sales.

Test your ecommerce site out with friends and family, evewn if they are not regular internet users. Get them to give you real feed back, Not just “I like the green color!!” Did they know how to navigate? Did they know how to add items to the basket? Did you need to help them? If you did then it is likely that your customers are having the exact same response, probably on a bigger scale.

Give your customers what they want, give them all the information they are looking for, do not confuse them and ensure your level of service and quality is better than your competitors. Using a clever blend of ecommerce design can see your current online sales increase rapidly. Please contact us for a chat about how your ecommerce design can be improved.

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