Shopmap for Google shopping

One way of dramatically increasing your online sales is to add all your products to Google shopping. No doubt you have already came across thi service from Google on your travels around the internet.It isĀ  a great way if you are looking for a particular product or supplier to quickly and easily find the best deal for you.

You already know the weakness of a vertical website structure when it comes to getting low exposure due to lack of Page Rank and internal links. It follows that a good marketing strategy is to start getting fresh links from other related websites pointing to your important products. Truthfully, the impact depends on the PR of the links; the higher the PR, the more frequently will Google follow those links.

This encourages the Googlebot’s crawling and indexing, not only starting from the home page, but on the deeper pages. This increases the chances of getting new product pages indexed as soon as possible.

There are a lot of techniques for this. For example, if you have some industry contacts on other websites, you can let them review your product and include a link pointing to your product/category/brand pages.

Another popular technique is to point a link from the home page (which has the highest PR) to new product URLs. You can then label these links “New Products” on the home page. This will act as a “shortcut” to your new product URLs.

Additionally, make sure you double check all URLs for “dead links.” This can also cause issues. You should also make sure that all links pointing to deeper pages do not include a “rel=nofollow.”

Take advantage of a sitemap

Google recommends that you use a sitemap in your website. A lot of website owners, particularly beginners are confused by the term “sitemap.” There are two types of sitemap, namely the normal web sitemap (using .htm, .html, .php, .asp, extension) and the XML sitemap (for example: sitemap.xml).

A common mistake is to make the XML sitemap the “web” sitemap and vice versa. I have seen this in practice, and the problem is a lack of proper information.

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