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Why it is important to keep your website up to date

The internet has so much information it can be overwhelming. You want your customers or clients to get the right information when they enter something into a search box – whether it is on your site or on a search engine.

Imagine your company sells products online that are time specific, for example old models or out of stock items. You need to ensure these items do not appear anywhere on your website or within Google’s cache store of your website.

Otherwise your customers may find a product that is obsolete or unavailable and try requesting it for purchase from your webste. This is frustrating for your customer and gives a bad impression of your company.

Do you need the old product or has it been made totally redundant by the new one?

Good housekeeping of your website is essential. Delete all obsolete products, articles, and content. At the very least this makes your site easier and simpler to navigate your way around.

Get Microedge ecommerce designer to review your site.
We will write a report of your online shop detailing :-

  • Your content – relevance and neccessity
  • Your navigation – usability, accessibility and simplicity
  • What are search engines picking up about your site?