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When Twitter went down

To people who don’t use Twitter, the thought of it being down for a day is hardly even newsworthy. To those who do though, a day can seem like a week. Is it back yet? Is it? Is it? People trying over and over again escalated the problem.

Why is it so scary when web 2.0 disappears from our lives as it did recently with the DoS attacks on Twitter, Facebook and Google.

I guess it depends on why you use these sites. If you Tweet to like-minded friends about the cost of cinema tickets and the joy of playing golf, it doesn’t matter very much. If on the other hand you Tweet questions about code, when PHP has finally beaten you. Or you help out a perfect stranger the other side of the planet who is stuck on the etiquette of hang gliding (if there is any – I haven’t a clue – maybe I’d better Tweet this one!). This is when Twitter’s immediacy becomes much more important to your daily life.

Of course this is in addition to it’s addictiveness. Some people get twitchy if they haven’t Tweeted what they had for breakfast and about each coffee throughout the day.

This dramatic video shows just how important Twitter can be in peoples lives and now they ask “Where were you the day Twitter died?”. Has Web 2.0 taken our lives to a new level, I believe so.

Just what did you do instead when Twitter was down and Facebook tootled off?

Well, I for one got more work done. No distractions. Twitter can be such a useful tool, but such a time-wasting work-avoiding distraction too! Web 2.0 has evolved. A good example of how a UK business has used web 2.0 is a recent Youtube video created by Bensons for beds titled Mattress Dominoes – World Record attempt.

This fun short video shows how a company can create a way of promoting their company online using imagination, creativity and humour on video and over half a million people have seen it already. Bensons have gone to an advertising agency called Wand who helped them film and develop and promote the idea.

Web 2.0 is here to stay. It is a way that a single person can capture the hearts and minds of millions around the globe at the click of a mouse.