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Why should I use Twitter?

I have been asked “what is Twitter” and “Why should I use Twitter?”

Twitter is described as micro blogging, Twitter is a unique way of saying what your doing.

Who Cares?

Well believe or not millions of people care. No matter who you are, people are always interested in what you are doing. So much so it was used during the US elections between Obama and McCain supporters. Twitter realised the popularity of it’s service prior to the elections and set up a dedicated area. So every time somebody typed in a candidates name it would appear in a constantly updating feed.

Now I will use the example described in the video below. Within hours it can show you the real world.   That is interesting facts about real people. You are basically following people who have similar interests or hobbies to yourself. You get to find out what they are doing and if they follow you they get to see what you’re doing.

Now for the video that explains exactly what Twitter is.

What are the business benefits of Twitter?
Imagine your business has a Twitter blog, you post to it daily with what you are doing.

You place a link on your website that other Twitter users can follow. That is your customers or potential customers. They can be kept upto date with what your business is doing.

So you maybe launching a new product?
You may have read something in the news.
Or you might be working late in the office!

Letting people see what you are doing is a good thing. It attracts people to you.

Follow me on Twitter and always see my latest ‘tweet’ on the right hand side of this webpage to see what I am doing. You will get to know a lot more about me, my interests, what I am reading and I promise I will never Twitter about mowing the lawn!