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Accessibility – JAWS is the screen reader of choice

WebAIM has released initial findings from their recent screen reader survey.

As reported by the Web Standards Project here are some of the main findings

  • The most common screen readers used are JAWS (74%), Window-Eyes (23%), NVDA (8%), and VoiceOver (6%).
  • 75% of screen reader users upgrade to the newest version within one year.
  • 12% of respondents use a screen reader on a mobile phone.
  • 76% of users always or often navigate by headings.
  • 36% never or seldom use text-only versions of web pages.
  • 72% of screen reader users reported that Flash is very or somewhat difficult.
More details and analysis will be made available later, however as few conclusions can be drawn now.
  • there is no typical screen reader user
  • screen reader accessibility is about much more than just whether screen reading software can read a site
  • much more emphasis needs to be placed on the abilities and preferences of screen reader users
It is important to remember that making your website available to a wider audience also improves the ability of Google to read your site. Our accessibility web designer will ensure that your website is available to the widest possible audience including visually impaired or blind website users.