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BOLT a new way of sharing the websites you like

We have all seen the rapid rise in popularity of Pinterest and how the site lets users create “boards” where they can collect images from across the web and share them with friends and strangers. Pinterest’s low key approach makes sense for the users because it appeals to people interested in creating curated collections of photographs around a topics, such as fashion, food or floral fabrics. Essentially they are making a scrapbook that links back to the original source of each photo, whether it be a fashion blog or an online store it has become very populkar with the female demographic especially in the United States.


BO.LT is now open in BETA mode for people looking at sharing content and websites they like. BOLT is different instead of pinning an image to a board the user is effectively bolting the image to a page and it is not suprising that this more masculine terminology has proved popular with a male demo graphic.

BOLT also allow users to edit the webpage they have “BOLTED” using a very intuative editing feature. So the bolted page can look different to the original pages content.