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Google Scribe evolves from Google doodles

The mystery around Google Doodle deepens. Today we are faced with a blank grey silhouette of its famous colourful logo.

Google Live Stream

However once a user starts typing in to the search box, the logo letters return to their full colour one by one……….

Today’s doodle follows yesterdays interactive doodle, which used a collection of coloured balls bounce around the screen in a Particle Motion Simulation. The changes has sparked debate across the internet as to what the homepage takeovers signify, with some suggesting it is in anticipation of Google rolling out a streaming live search feature. Yesterday was Google’s 12th birthday and it appears to coincide with the timing of the release. This also follows Googles Tweet on Twitter ‘Our doodle is dressing up in its brightest colors for something exciting coming very soon…’”

Whatever the answer to the mystery, all looks likely to be revealed an announcement Google is planning at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art later today relating to its search products – suggesting that they might well be unveiling a new ‘search as you type’ feature, in which the results page you see change as you type your search term.

Hopefully we will soon see Google’s new live search features in action and it will be interesting to see what impact it has on how we search the internet. No doubt Google have got this “spot on” and searching will be more interactive and intuitive delivering the latest and best results it can find.

Google have just launched their new search called Google Scribe and we may see an end to the search button!

My first thoughts are it is very intuative and predicative, however using AJAX to constantly update the page based on key presses causes a slight delay and whilst in the search box Google sponsored ads do not appear straight away and this could be an issue for advertisers and in turn Google.

This is now on Google UK and will be rolled out globally within the next 24 hours. You need to be logged in to see this effect. Users that are not logged in will see the standard Google with the search button.