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Ecommerce Website Designers trading internationally

Online shoppers will not have to pay customs duty on items they have bought for less than £105 from outside the EU.

New laws introduced on 1st of December 2008 by HM Revenue and Customs extends the duty-free limit for goods bought online. The move will benefit thousands of consumers who buy items online which have a 14% duty rate. However VAT will still be charged on most items that cost more than £18.

ecommerce website designers will neeed to be up to date with current legislation to be able to pass this help and support onto their clients.

If you are buying goods from countries outside the EU, it is in your interests to know what the rules are. For example, items such as books and mobile phones are already free from import duty charges set by the EU.

When your upgrading your ecommerce cart or ecommerce design it is important if you are trading online to deal with a company that understands the complexities involved with online shopping to a worldwide audience.

For more details visit HM Revenue & Customs