iPad & iPhone Profits by “Real People

How would you like to get YOUR marketing messages in front of a network of 600 million people?

People who will – almost on impulse – make a 1-click decision to grab what you have to offer.

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These rabid buyers are looking for digital magazines on their iPhones or iPads, and the GOOD NEWS is…

You don’t need to own an iPhone or iPad to publish your own successful digital magazines!

Well, my friend, Ed Dale has hand-selected a
number of his 350+ successful students to
get THEIR feedback on just how much
potential there is with “Magcast Publishing”.

… and now he’s compiled this HIGH-CONTENT,
informative feedback into this new video…

[New Video] iPad & iPhone Profits by “Real People” (Stories Inside):

Here are just some of the takeaways you will experience from these REAL PEOPLE – people just like YOU…

  • the email trick to get contributers to your MagCast!
  • How to get content for your 1st issue!
  • How To Get Your MagCast content for NOTHING!
  • What advice they would give someone starting out with MagCast!

[New Video] iPad & iPhone Profits by “Real People” (Stories Inside):

Look, here’s the deal…

Right now, there are BIG-TIME publishers
paying big money to get people to go to the
Apple Newsstand.

The big “eye opener” for you is this…

There’s only a TINY amount of magazines,
and now the door is wide open for you to
come crashing through, and be at the front
of a revolution that’s just getting started!

374 people successfully published their first
magazine. From all walks of life, with…

– no tech experience
– no iPad
– No Web Site
– No List
– No Budget for Marketing

Listen to these Magcast publishers tell their
MagCast Experience in their own words…

iPad & iPhone Profits by “Real People” (Stories Inside):

This works. Period.

Talk soon,

Steve Wiliams

P.S. Check out what these MagCasters had to say,
and make sure you you let Ed know what you
think of this video by commenting beneath it…

iPad & iPhone Profits by “Real People” (Stories Inside):

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