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Video on The Challenge

Watching this year’s Challenge has been different to previous years, OK I will re-phrase that! “radically different!” It used to be called The Thirty Day Challenge. It is no longer called that and is simply called The Challenge. Ed Dale who presents the opening video for each module this year he has recorded all his videos outside.

Now previously Ed has said that one of the most important factors of video is “Audio” and he is right! Would you sit back and watch a video with poor audio? Previously all his videos were recorded at his desk, great audio but it got a bit mono tone on day 30 seeing the same man in the same position in front of his Apple Mac.

So why record the video outside? Where there is background noise, 101 different things that can go wrong! So I asked him the question on Twitter.

You said that audio is the most important factor in video. Why film all this year’s challenge videos outside with background noise?

His reply was simply atmosphere.

I thought about it and again the self confessed “Tubby Nerd” is right!!!

It is not just audio, visual and content it is about creating the correct atmosphere. For example Lauren Luke recorded video of herself putting on make-up, to help her eBay customers and placed them on Youtube. The video was her, in her bedroom and sometimes with her little dog in the background!

The video was watched by millions. Why???

Because she had created  the right atmosphere that appealed to her target audience. Now roll forward a couple of years she launched a proprietary signature cosmetics line called By Lauren Luke, she launched the line in 135 stores across the USA and Canada. Not bad for a young girl from South Shields in England with an interest in make-up.

So to summarise, Video is all about creating the right atmosphere!