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What people searched for in 2010

Every year Google release Zeitgeist which highlights the most popular searches carried out over the year. This year Google have split the data into different categories like Fastest Rising, Entertainment, Sports, People, Health and the Fastest falling…

The results are a like a snapshot of the year 2010. With the fastest falling being Swine Flu, The fastest rising iPad and chatroulette. In entertainment it is a young Justin Bieber a name I had not even heard about this time last year!

It is interesting but not surprising to see the social networks Twitter and Facebook appearing in the top 10 fastest rising. Yes, people really do go to Google and search for Facebook! I am never surprised that people do perform the strangest Google Search!

Finally in the news it was Haiti and Chile dominated the search queries for news this year. You can find more about Zeitgeist at http://www.google.com/intl/en/press/zeitgeist2010/

Google has seen massive changes itself in the latter half of this year with “Instant Search” – Predicting our query as we type and “Instant Preview” showing a snapshot of the webpage before we click.