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Google improves custom search

As predicted Google improves search with a more personalised search. After reading John Batelle’s book about Google simply called ‘Search’, Microedge search engine optimization specialist is not suprised that ‘Google has unveiled a tool that will allow users to customise and refine their search queries.’ (bbc.co.uk 20/11/08)   Google’s SearchWiki lets users remove, re-order,  or add search results. This basically stores the users…

Search Engine Optimization to the English market

Yes Optimization is spelt the American way not the English way of optimisation. The reason for this is simple. If you enter in the Google Search Engine ‘Optimisation’ (which is the correct English spelling.) Google will ask .. Did you mean Search Engine Optimization? The answer is yes and no. It is the Americanised spelling of the world. So this…