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Choosing a website designer

Choosing a website designer
Making the right choice
If you are looking for a website designer the first question is “Where do I find one?

Most people will either use a Google search to find a web design company, Yellow Pages, Word of mouth or follow a link direct from a website to a web design company. Any of these are a good way of finding one. The next thing most business owners are thinking is “Can they do the job?” and “How much will it cost?

Can they do the job?

Finding out if the website designer can do the job you are looking for is usually straight forward. Do they have a porfolio? If so they may already have created a website similar to the website or industry sector you are in.  Are they easy to contact and do you get along with them?

Most website design companies should be easy to  talk with and explain your business needs. To cut out all the technical jargon we created a fact finder that is basically a simple series of questions that answer, email back, and we can give you a website design quote from it.

How much does it cost?
We always produce an accurate quotation that outlines the cost of your project. We stick to that price and there are no hidden charges.