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Inspiration for Website Designers

Where do website designers gather their inspiratoin?

How can a website designer gain inspiration if they are stuck infront of a computer screen?

The slide show above from Nick La demonstrates how he gains inspiration from his environment. I have spoken to many designers who gain inspiration from going out for a walk, it may be a simple trip down the high street or a quiet walk in the countryside, what ever method they use it does not matter, as long as the end result is pleasing to the client and the user of the website.

The key is not to stare at a blank screen.

Personally I use a ‘persona’, that is based on the end user of the website. For example if I am working on a fitness related website I would listen to dance music or watch videos of the classes that generate a feeling to inspire the design. So just listening to differnt genres of music can inspire the website designer to create different designs that are beyond what they would usually create.

Creativity should go beyond the realms of the restraints we have and the software we use, imagine what could be possible. The internet has come a long way in the last 10 years. When websites were first designed they were based on a very formal table layout and the closest thing to animation a web designer could hope for was an animated gif, usually of a revolving globe!

Thankfully the boundaries are being pushed with broadband, improved browsers, and user interactivity.  Streaming TV is becoming common place, web standards using a CSS based layout allows the web designer create websites that were unimaginable five years ago.