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Website design cost

Every week, I get emails and telephone calls from potential clients who all ask the same question How much does website design cost?

There is no fixed answer to this question. The analogy I am going to use is a car. It is similar to emailing or telephoning you local car dealer and asking for the price of a car. The price varies depending on what you want and more to the point exactly what you want.

My Prices
I do not charge an hourly rate, however my website design cost is based on the time it takes for the tasks involved. Companies that charge an hourly rate also need to give you an time for the project, therefore in effect you end up with a quote for your website design. When people email me and ask for a quote, I always follow the same process.

The questions I am thinking about relating to website design cost are:

  • Does the client have an existing website?
  • Do they need a new domain name or web hosting?
  • What platform is their website on, IIS (Microsoft) or Linux?
  • Do they require ecommerce, CMS or a blog?
  • What graphic design or branding is required?
  • Do they require internet marketing and SEO?
  • What are their main reasons for commissioning a new website?

These are the inital questions that run through my head when I am beginning to produce a quote. It can be very difficult for a web designer to be able to convey some very technical questions to a website owner and that is why I created a website fact finder that helps the website owner decide on the areas they require and importantly do not require for their website.

Return of investment (ROI)
Obviously very important to our client’s is ROI. If you spend £x,xxx on your website you want to return £xx,xxx in revenue from your website, or you may require a professional web design that conveys to the world who you are and what your business is all about.

Image and graphic design
The human eye can make a split decision within seconds on what design looks good or bad. Therefore your potential customers can either instantly like your new website or website redesign or not. So a lot of thought, time and communication is required to find who your target audience is and what design would appeal to them.

Content and useability
The most important side of your web site is the actual text content and navigation. There is no point in owning a website that is difficult to navigate or lacks the information your customers are seeking.

Website design quote
Once we have all the facts we can issue you with an accurate fixed price quotation. This ensures that you only pay for what you need. All our quotes are broken down in sections so you can see exactly what you are paying for.

Website design cost and quotations are available for small business website design, bespoke website design, freelance or outsourcing web design work, dynamic website design, database driven website design, ecommerce fesign, search engine optimization (SEO) or request a no obligation web design quote today.