What is web development?

Web developers describe designers as people who like to play around with wax crayons and web designers call developers geeks!

However there is a crossover.

In short, a web designer makes a page look graphically pleasing to the eye and a web developer makes it work. Usually these are described as two seperate job titles however in reality they both need to work together.  Some web design companies produce a mock up of a web design. This may be as a PDF, JPEG or even a printed hard copy.

This is where we differ! A website needs to been seen in the web browser, not as a PDF or a printed piece of paper.

It is a bit like buying a car. You want to test drive it, not just look at the pretty pictures in the brochure!

We produce designs using XHTML and CSS. We use this method as it seperates layout from content. This is called Web Standards and enables us to be able to quickly make graphical changes to a website at the touch of a button. This also works well for the web developer.

The web developer will ensure that all the items on the page work and that any of the dynamics of the page work the way they are intended. We build websites that are easy for your customers to use and easy for you to manage.

Why make things complicated when they do not need to be?

Most parts of web development are very complex. However there is some very nice expensive WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) web development software from the folks at Adobe called Dreamweaver and Microsoft has software called Expression

The software is designed to help with what is going on in the background, called Server Side Coding which is usually in one of the following languages PHP (open source), ASP and .NET (Microsoft proprietary)

LAMP servers are the most popular setup used by the web development community at the moment. LAMP is Linux Apache MySQL & PHP. We usually program using LAMP due to the flexibility available to the web developer in creating websites that work exactly the way our clients want them to. 

The web development industry is expected to grow over 20% by 2010
Source: Wikipedia


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