WordPress – do you host your own WordPress Blog or use the FREE one?

Let’s get one thing straight, both have their advantages

However, at first glance some people ask why would they pay for WordPress when they can have it for free? A bit like when you get FREEVIEW why would you pay for your TV channels?

The answer is quite simple – as usual you get what you pay for. There are extra elements you get when you have a WordPress blog outside WordPress.com.

First things 1st – what is WordPress? Why would it be good on your website.

Just look at these websites – they are all created by MICROEDGE and powered by WordPress Blogs.

Online Mum

John Halson Solicitors


If you want a flexible website that you can add posts and articles to yourself, without the expense of having a content management system built for you, then WordPress could be exactly the solution for you.

WordPress itself, is FREE, whether you have your own hosting or it is hosted by WordPress. You can download and use the software with NO CHARGE. Where this costs come into it, are whether you have your own hosting. All this means is, if you want your own specific domain name, you need to get your own hosting and name. If you are going to create a blog that is exactly that, a blog about a subject that you are interested in, and you are not too concerned about Search engines and traffic then the FREE option is probably right for you.

If however you run a company, have a brand or need to optimise your site for search engine traffic, then paying for hosting and domain name is going to be the way to go.

Comparison websites are all the rage, so we thought we would do a comparison of WordPress.org and WordPress.com: ie the Free WordPress Blog and the one you download onto your hosted domain name.

Make an informed choice about which one suits your needs.

Monthly/yearly expense FREE
This cost can be as little as £25 a year or the sky’s the limit, depending on what domain name you buy and how much space you need for your hosting. A new domain name costs as little as £2.99 a year with DomainMonster, and hosting costs from £20 a year with Virtual Names. Make sure your hosting is compatible with WordPress.
Easy-ish to set up Easy to set up
Advertising Advertising
Design Design
Control Control
Plug-ins Plug-ins

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