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Get on websites for free.

As the internet has grown along with the introduction of web 2.0 there is a  whole manner of ways of getting on websites of various kinds from simply adding links and comments, right up to building your very own website.

Building your own website

First off you can now build and entire website of our own, although this is on somebody else’s domain,, it is a great way of getting started and building our own webpages. Here are three of my favourites.

image of the WordPress logo

I highly recommend WordPress, this is an ideal way to express yourself and start a blog. If you go to http://wordpress.com/ and create an account you can get started in minutes publishing content to the internet. If you decide to turn the blog professional you can export your content in to a fully customized WordPress blog on your own server, or your own domain.

If you have a Google Account, you can write and publish documents to the internet for private or public view using Google Docs at http://docs.google.com/ Also with Google you can either join a group or even set up your own group, have a look at http://groups.google.com/

Now if you want to create your own social network, Ning at http://www.ning.com/ is a great place to start. You choose a public or private network, invite people to join and customize the design of the site.

Finally if you want to look at how to get on websites have a look at sWeebly this site you can create a free website and blog, It has an easy drag and drop interface. Plus you can choose from different themes.

There are limitations on using any of the above services for building a website, for example your domain name. However if you require a customized website built for you please contact us.

Adding your articles to websites

There is are several article directories that allow you to write your own content and submit it. For example Ezine Articles and Submit your article are some of the most popular. These websites tend to be used by larger websites looking to gain what is called incoming links.

Adding links to a website

This used to be called link exchange or link ring, which is an out of date practice that was popular during the 1990’s. This was basically a methiod where websites shared links to other websites. For example, your website on Fly Fishing may link to other fishing related websites. Most companies if they are going to show links to external sites prefer to use Google Adwords as this gains money for the website owner and displays relevant links based on the website’s content.

Adding comments to websites

Finally, adding comments. This has become popuar for article based websites (like this one) where the site allows anybody to post a comment about the article. Some websites have monitored comments where the comment is checked by a moderator first.