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Why our websites need to be mobile

I do not have a crystal ball but but over the years I am getting more aware of what is going to be happening with the internet. The growth of mobile devices is nothing new and we are seeing a rapid increase of people using their mobile to access the internet.

Now the tablet market has exploded along with additional competing products from Google, Apple and Microsoft this ensures that the trend will continue. Some analysts have predicted that we hare just over a year away before we see mobile platforms become the most popular way to access the internet.

That alone should be a incentive for webdesigners to create a mobile version of their sites. Google Retail Team member Tiffany Lin has added additional incentives backed by powerful statistics:

  • 60% of time spent on mobile devices is spent on the web.
  • 68% of users prefer a mobile optimized website for browsing through products.
  • 58% of users expect that accessing a site on a mobileĀ  will provide a quicker loading versio.
  • 40% of users will move on to a competing site if they don’t like the mobile site you offer.
  • Mobile web adoption is 700% faster than desktop web adoption.

So a lesson to us all when building websites today is think mobile! not just in terms of devloping an App or “a work around” so you site is viewable on some mobiles but building and testing websites on different mobile devices.