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People search for the strangest things on Google

You just typed in a trange search query to find this page.

OK Here goes ….

What is the most commonly searched term in Google?
Well it sounds daft but the most common search is for an actual domain name, not a ‘thing’ or ‘service’ or phrase!!! For example people type in “www.domainname.com” into the Google search box instead of using the browser address bar. This must frustrate the Google engineers who have spent millions of dollars and a fair few man hours in perfecting search only to find somebody entering in a domain name as the search term. However as Jim Morrisson of The Doors said ‘People are strange!’

Each year Google releases the most popular and fastest growing search query for each region called Google Zeitgeist for 2008. This year Google has been very kind and gracious and opened it’s doors so anyone can see exactly what people are actually searching for. Now you can find out from Google Adwords keyword tool the facts for yourself.

So you might have thought being #1 in Google for ‘homemade birthday cards’ was your ultimate goal as that is what you sell…..only to find that only 23 people per month in your region enter that search…..and out of those 23 people only 10 people clicked on your top spot link and finally out of those 10 people only 1 of those were actually looking to buy a homemade birthday card! All the other people where looking for how to make a birthday card!!

It pays to know your market

If you know your market and you know your customers then you will have some good idea as to what a potential customer would enter into Google. However do you know how Google works? Read  the technology behind Google’s great results to find out what goes on behind Google’s magic doors.

Once you have researched and know where you want to be, there are still two avenues.

  1. Organic Search – Natural listing within Google search. People enter, for example, “homemade birthday cards” and sites are ranked for their relevancy, you want your site to be high on Google’s ranking for your customers searches.
  2. Adwords (Pay per click) – Paid sponsored link. You set a budget, and up to your budget you appear on page 1 of Google when someone searches your particular phrase or word. If they click on your link, you pay a certain amount – whether or not they buy something from your site.

If you’re positive of what your potential customers are searching for then you can go down either route. Why not try Google Adsense out to test your market, (you can run Google Adsense for a short time for a set budget) especially if you’re not appearing highly within Google’s natural search. It will give you an even better understanding of what customers are searching for in order to go to your site, especially if you have something to sell.

If your keywords are wrong then make sure your website is relevant then let your keywords follow your content. Keep your website updated, relevant and it will help you achieve the visitors you want.

Before you start on your website marketing campaign, why not contact us? We can help you with what keywords you should be using, how to run your campaign, or even take care of it all for you on a consultancy basis.